Friday, September 18, 2009

Where to go this weekend? :)

Shall I see you here? :D I really hope I find the time to leave the house to check out the goods at Rockwell's bazaar that starts today. It's a great venue to find limited pieces, and support our local designers/entrepreneurs :) To those who'll be out for the long weekend, good news! They've extended it until Monday, so you can head straight to the bazaar ;)

You can also drop by Dona Consolacion Building for their ONE-DAY SALE. If you love designer bags (both pre-owned and brand new), check out Tresorie. They're giving discounts today to those who pay in cash :D
Happy shopping and happy weekend everyone! It's my dad's birthday today, and we'll be having a little dinner party tonight. How about you? :) Where will you be tonight?


Frances said...

At a baby shower at 6 then a late dinner with the hubby's friends!

Happy birthday to your daddy =D And do enjoy your weekend, pretty girl!

StyleKit said...

Ooh, sounds fun! :D Thanks and enjoy your weekend also, Frances!


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